Social System



1. Requirement

LevelRole level ≥ Level 1 to start adding friends

LimitFriends limit is 70


2. Recent Contact

Recent Contact will show the player you contact during this login, and have a quick chat here.


3. Contact Person


1. There are Friend List, Blacklist, and Enemies in the Contact part:

①. Manually add friend into friend list, can chat or other interaction after adding as friend.

②. Manually add someone into Blacklist, unable to receive chat from or do other interaction with that person afterwards, at the same time reset Intimacy, and will be removed from Friend List.

③. Automatically add someone into Enemy by system if that person had killed ally player. Players in enemies list can be locked or deleted.


b. Interaction:


Click on the icon in Friend List will show some interaction buttons, which includeSend Flower,Check Attribute,Delete Friends,Team Up,Guild Invitation,Town Portal,Send Mail,Blacklist, andApprenticeship.


c. Intimacy:


Intimacy shows how close between you and your friend. When Intimacy reaches Level 3, both players will become close friend, and can become couple in the game.

After become close friend, teleport will be available for both of you. Free teleport chance will increase according to the Intimacy Level.


4. Relationship


Special relationship allocates atRelation, currently there areCoupleandMaster&Discipletwo types. Player can have a quick chat here too.


5. Mail

Other than receiving System notifications and rewards, contact with other players when they are offline through the Mail is also a good way to communicate. Players are allowed to send items by using Mail.