Beast Island


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In the game, you can capture various kinds of advanced pets. They are not only cute, but also play an important role in the battle. So, we will discuss about where to find, and how to capture them.

According to the rumor, there is a small island which located at south of the world. Thousand kinds of mystery creatures are staying on that island. It happened that few decades ago, a sailor lost in the ocean due to maelstrom and he came to this island by accident. That sailor managed to return to his town at the end with the help of one advanced pet. After hearing of this news, lots of villagers had packed their backpack and begin the journey to seek for this mystery island.



“Gameplay” at top right corner -> “Core” tab (Unlocked at Level 41).



The pet available to tame will be reset weekly at 06:00 on Monday. The pet with higher quality grants more CP when activated. The difficulty will get higher in attempt to acquire higher quality pet. After selecting the pet you would like to tame, you may click the “Fight” button to enter the scene.


Once you defeated the pet, you will gain 15 tamed value. After that, you will come to the coin tossing mini game.


In this coin tossing game, you are required to guess which side of the coin will be on top. If you get it correct, you are able to earn extra tamed value. There are 5 rounds in this game and the tamed value 

will keep increasing. If you failed to guess, you have 2 options. Either leave it directly or spend some diamond to bribe the elf to change the side of the coin.

Once the tamed value bar is full, you will be granted 1 piece of respective pet card. Collect required amount of pet card and you can activate the pet at pet grid.

Please be reminded that each player is entitled to 5 attempts per day. Failed attempt will not deduct the challenge chance. However, players are advised to select the pet that match your CP before entering the battle.