Diverse Territory


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You may access Diverse Territory after your character reaches Level 38. Dungeon challenge will cost stamina. As the reward, you may gain massive EXP as well as some equipment upgrading materials. You can locate it at “Gameplay—Dungeon” tab.


A. Dungeon’s stamina

There are two types of dungeons in this game. Common dungeon consumes 10 stamina per entry while elite dungeon consumes 30 stamina. Please be noted that stamina will recover every 5 minutes before reaching the maximum value of 100 stamina.

When you have insufficient stamina, you can spend some diamonds to purchase stamina or use stamina orb to restore. For your information, stamina orb can be obtained through crafting of living skill and gold market. However, the chance to restore stamina is limited per day. If you are hard-working enough, you can log in at 12:00 and 18:00 every day to claim extra 30 stamina from Feast.


B. Dungeon Completion



Three requirements to enter Elite Dungeon:

1. Meet the dungeon required level.

2. Pass the prerequisite dungeon

3. Sufficient stamina


Pass the dungeon for the first time will grant you Bag of Diamonds. The star level for each dungeon will be evaluated according to your accomplished time and number of death. As long as you manage to clear all the monsters within 180 seconds without dying, you are eligible to receive 3-star award. In addition, you may accumulate star level for the chest reward granted per chapter.


C. Dungeon’s sweep

VIP 3 players are able to enjoy sweep feature for those dungeons passed with 3 stars. Each sweeping will take 5 minutes. Within the 5 minutes, players are allowed to do other things. Please do not cancel the sweeping manually because you will not gain any reward for that. The rewards you gained from sweeping is the same to get when you clear it personally. There is one great benefit for VIP 8 player which they do not require 5 minutes of waiting time.


D. EXP Potions

It is recommended to consume EXP potions when clearing or sweeping dungeon to gain more EXP. You can choose the EXP potion you would like to use at the challenge interface.


E. Assistant

It is quite challenging if you challenge alone especially when you are clearing elite dungeon or intend to obtain highest 3 star reward. At this moment, you may invite your friends to assist you. Friend invite is free but invite stranger will definitely cost you some gold. Do not worry that your assistant will steal away the drop because all items dropped in dungeon will be yours.