Camp War *


Player can join the Camp War when reaches Level 40.

The event time for Camp War is at 21:10 - 21:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


After entering the Camp War, player will change to Battle mode automatically and is able to attack the player from opposite camp. Player will win massive credits by killing player from opposite camp, collecting goods, or defeating monsters in battlefield, and win credit for own camp at the same time.

The total credit won by the players will be counted as camp credit.

When the event ended, the camp with higher credit will be the winner.


After entering the battlefield, players will be assigned to either one of the camp. In both camp, there will be a Revive Point, Revive Guard for HP recover, and the Guard for attacking opponent player respectively. It is very safe to stay at Revive Point and recover the HP after revive.


The middle of the battlefield is PK area. The player stay at PK area can receive double EXP constantly compare with Revive and Safe area. The main way to get credit in battlefield is to kill the players from opposite camp and continuously kill opponent will grant rewards. The continuous kill will be reset upon death.

Players can check the battlefield ranking and target through the Statics interface which located at the left of the battlefield.

The battlefield target serves as the extra reward other than credit, and can receive corresponding item if reach the requirement.


The ranking will go according to player’s credit when the event ends, and player will receive corresponding Merit reward. The higher the ranking, the more Merit you get. Besides, the player from winning camp will receive extra Merit reward. The Merit can be used to exchange rare item such as Skill Scroll at Exchange Shop.