Mount System



Mount system is one of the exciting features of Zeon. The Mount System will be activated when the role reaches Level 18. The Mount will not only increase player’s CP, but also provide a cool outlook for all players!


Mount Level-up



Mount Level will affect the Stats directly, thus it is very important to level up the Mount.

Mount Cookie can be used to increase Mount EXP for Mount level up. 

Through Mount Dungeon, Wildness Minions, Lost Land, and VIP Auto-fight Map can receive the Mount Cookie.


Mount Advancement



It is believes that, only level up the Mount unable satisfy the players, thus, there sure have a cool and nice outlook for Mount.

Mount Advancement can activate a new Mount Avatar.

Using Mount Advance Gem can advance the Mount.

Fail in Mount Advancement will accumulate the Lucky.

The higher the Luck, the higher chance in Mount Advancement success rate.

Through Mount Dungeon, World Boss, Monthly Sign in, Online Reward, Flea Market, and Arena can receive the Mount Advance Gem.


Mount Transmogrify


Not only through the Mount Advancement to get different outlook, but also various mystical Mount Transform Cards.


Tip: Transform the Mount Outlook will not affect the current Mount Stats.