Pet Dungeon



The Pet Dungeon will be activated when player reaches Level 30, and there are 2 entry chances for each day.




Players can find the Pet Dungeon through Gameplay - Dungeon interface and click to auto-path to the NPC in Scay Castle to enter the dungeon. There are different levels in Pet Dungeon, the higher level the players get, they can challenge the advanced Pet Dungeon to receive the better Pet Item as reward.

The activated level for different difficulties are: Level 30, Level 45, Level 50, Level 55, Level 60, Level 65, Level 70, Level 75, Level 80, Level 85, Level 90, and Level 95. Each day will have 2 chances to challenge the dungeon.




There are 4 waves of minion in total and 1 Boss in Pet Dungeon. Players need to clear all the minions wave by wave, and the Boss appears all the 4 waves of minion are cleared. Each minion killed will receive role EXP, item drop, and extra Pet EXP. The Boss for Pet Dungeon will drop Pet Soul Fragment randomly, and the fragment can be used for upgrading current Pet or activate new Pet.