Pet System



In most of the games, pet always serve as a loyal friend which accompany the player and witness the growth in game. Let’s get to know more about those cute and adorable pets in Zeon


The Pet System will be activated at Level 15 by following the Main Quest.  

Pet Collection:

Activate Pet Image by collecting souls.


Activate the Pet Image can receive extra Stats Reward, and the reward can overlap if more than one Image available.

Upgrade the Grid will have certain chances to active the Skill too.


Pet Growth:

Pet Growth will affect the Growth Attribute Bonus directly.

Pet Growth Rate can be increased by using Pet Growth Orb, and there will be a free growth chance daily.

Pet Growth Rate will not change regardless of changes of the activated Pet Image, thus, never worry about the changes of Pet Image will cause the Rate decreases.



Pet Soul:

The Pet Soul Hunt will be activated when the Pet reaches certain Level.


Collect souls through hunting, and increase Stats after equip the Soul.

Hunt by using Diamond will largely increase the chances of getting the better quality Soul.

Resolve Soul can receive Soul Power or Soul Stone. Soul Power is for Soul Level upgrade, whereas Soul Stone is for higher-tier Soul exchange.


Pet Gift: 


Send gift to Pet will increase Pet’s Favor and will increase the Stats.

Different Pet Image will increase different Stats.

If the gift given to the pet is their favourite, the pet will get extra 50% Favor.


All of the above are the brief introduction regarding the Pet System. For more gaming information, please login the game and experience it~