★【Spring Festival Event】



★【Spring Festival Event】

--[Nian Beast War]
--[Event Rules]
1.During event period, attack the Nian Beast with bomb and firecrackers to deal damage and get Luck Points
2.Personal record of damage dealt to Nian Beast will be calculated daily, and ranked accordingly. The Nian Beast damage ranking is calculated once a day
3.Players can only start attacking the Nian Beast every morning at 10:00. If the Nian Beast still has not been defeated by 22:00, the beast will flee, and returned with full HP same time the next morning
4.The Rain of Gold of the day will be started if the Nian Beast is defeated before 22:00

--[Rain of God]
--[Event Rules]
1. There is a difference between Gold and Diamonds Rain of Gold
2. Gold will will appear at the night of the day Nian Beast had defeated. Tap on the red packet for loads of gold
3. Diamonds Rain will appear in various time on 28th of January. Tap on the red packet appeared on the screen for lots of bound diamonds

--[Log-in Rewards]
--[Event Rules]
1. Log in daily for item reward
2. Accumulate log-in for 3 days and 7 days for phase rewards

--[New Year Red Packet]
--[Event Rules]
1. During event period, 20% of the Gold and unbound diamonds spent daily will be deposited into the New Year Red Packet
2. Players are able to withdraw all Gold and unbound diamonds deposited on the last day of event

--[New Year Wishes]
--[Event Rules] During Spring Festival event, sending specified good wishes via loudspeaker to get item rewards

--[Lucky New Year]
--[Event Rules]
1. Refresh own New Year status on the interface daily
2. Players are able to select the status afterward
3. After the selection, players will get the buff of selected status. The buff will be reset at 00:00

--[Lucky Draw]
--[Event Rules] During the event period, players are able to join lucky draw with the Luck Points to get rare items

--[Double Packet]
--[Event Rules] Get 250% Bonus Diamonds only on 16th Feb!!!!

--[Free Retrieve]
--[Event Rules]
1. During event period, players are able to retrieve the Gold for free
2. During event period, players are able to retrieve the diamonds at half the price