In order to give players a better game experience and active game atmosphere, to make players to know more gaming partners, to experience more challenges, we have decided to merge server to satisfy your needs. Server will be down when the servers are merging, and the server merge details will be:
Server Merge :

A. US S13 - S40, 30th June 09:00 - 10:00 UTC-4
B. US S41 - S42, 30th June 10:00 - 11:00 UTC-4

Server Merge Rules:
a.) Players can just enter the server as usual after server merged.
b.) Operation of creating character will remain the same. One account will own maximum 3 characters under one account. If you own 3 characters in S1 & S2, you will still own those characters, but you are not allowed to create new character unless you have less than 3 characters.
a.) System will arrange the 4 camps in the strongest and weakest in the same camp, the other 2 for the same camp to ensure both camp total CP balance.
b.) Changed camp CP will be refreshed immediately.
c.) All camp quests will be refresh.
Duplicated Name
a.) Character name duplicate The higher level/CP character’s name will remain the same; the other player will get a [Character Rename Card] automatically.
b.) Guild name duplicate The higher level/CP guild’s name will remain the same; the other player will get a [Character Rename Card] automatically.
Character Data
a.) Character which meet condition as stated below will be deleted automatically by system, and will not be restored: - Character level lower than 40, and did not login for 7 days; Or; Character level lower than 50, and did not login for 30 days. - Character without any top up record. - Character without diamond (unbound).
b.) Guild which meet condition as stated below will be delete automatically by system, and will not be restored: - Guild leader will be cleared. - Guild level lower than 3, all the guild member did not login for 7 days. - When the guild is cleared, all members automatically become no-guild status.
c.) Others - System will separate the couple according to the divorce agreement if one party data is cleared of the relationship between the husband and wife. - System will end the apprenticeship according to more than 1 days offline rule, without any punishment.
5. Other details
a.) All player data will be reserved, including: coins/diamonds, exchange points, inventory, gem recipe, fashion etc.
b.) All system data, gameplay data, skill will be remained.
c.) All interactive relationship friends, couples, mentoring, guild will be remained.
d.) All quests, dungeon chances will be remained.
e.) All market data will remain the same, player can trade after server merged.
f.) Arena rank will be reset, characters have to challenge from rank 5000 according to the arena rules.
g.) Territory War - All landlord information will be cleared - All register information will be cleared (register fee will be return by mail).
Server Merge areas will be given EXP compensation according to the World Level;
The data of Cross Server Dragon Fortress will be deleted after the server merge. The relevant data will be synchronized to the main server;If the original match of Cross Server Dragon Fortress is server 1, 2, and 3, after the server merge of 1 and 2, data of server 2 will be deleted, and data from server 1 will be reserved and used as the data of single server to participate the Cross Server Dragon Fortress event afterwards.